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OK so how many of you have an instagram account that has to do with magcon etc? I really like to see them on my feed but I don’t know any good accounts. 

FOLLOW ME on instagram @kindalauren and like a few of my photos and will do the same for you AND shout out your instagram/tumblr on this account. 

This post goes specifically to those with a magcon account but if you want that promo thing for your personal just do the same thing. 

(it would also b v nice if you’d like this post just so I know what your tumblr is and so i won’t have to hunt for you thx)

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Shawn’s first tv performance on t10
I don’t care if everyone’s gonna know about him now. I don’t care if we’re gonna have a whole new set of fangirls going after him. I honestly don’t care that he’s becoming so known so fast. He’s still 15 year old Shawn who hates winters, loves reggae music, silly but also mature, and is grateful for everything that has happened. This is his dream. If the problem on your mind is “aw man all these newborns only know shawn bc of life of the party” or something to that extent, you should rethink your mindset.
Shawn wants to make it big and he needs our support- not some fucking civil war amongst his fans. I’m so excited for Shawn and what’s in store for him in the future.
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Imagine being one of the fans who got to spend their day playing with Magcon. When everyone was playing tag, Cameron took every opportunity to try and catch you, even if you were the farthest away! All just to have an excuse to “capture” you by engulfing you in bear hugs. 
pls read this with an open mind


Sigh ok a lot of people on twitter are upset bc of so called “newborn” fans and now this rage is spreading to tumblr. A fake fan is not someone who only likes one of the boys (or mahogany) or doesn’t religiously follow their lives. A fake fan is just a damn person who pretends they like someone…

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