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Imagine being one of the fans who got to spend their day playing with Magcon. When everyone was playing tag, Cameron took every opportunity to try and catch you, even if you were the farthest away! All just to have an excuse to “capture” you by engulfing you in bear hugs. 
pls read this with an open mind


Sigh ok a lot of people on twitter are upset bc of so called “newborn” fans and now this rage is spreading to tumblr. A fake fan is not someone who only likes one of the boys (or mahogany) or doesn’t religiously follow their lives. A fake fan is just a damn person who pretends they like someone…

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Jack G’s POV

If a smile could stretch across my entire face, I’m sure mine would fall off. With Y/N on our Magcon Tour, everything just felt perfect. I’m with my family, best friends, and the love of my life all while i’m doing what I love to do.
I watched as the fans take turns, hugging y/n, then taking pictures with her. I laughed when she made bunny ears over a girl noticeably younger than the rest. I walked over to her and slung an arm over her shoulders, causing the crowd for scream even louder. 
Y/N giggled and I leaned in to kiss her, but I remembered the management’s rule about excessive PDA and just kissed the top of her head. Fans started to come up to y/n and I to take pictures with the both of us. 
When meet ‘n greets were over, all 12 of us were on the stage. Most of the boys were dancing to Lip Gloss, Cameron was scooting around in his wheel chair, and Mahogany was dropping beats. Y/n, however, was vining a smack cam on Shawn. 
Needless to say, this show had a wild start. While everyone was fooling around onstage, I pulled y/n to the back. 
“Crazy out there, don’cha think so Jack?” she breathed heavily, slyly wiping extra whipped cream on the walls. 
I chuckled and kissed her. “God, y/n I’m so glad you agreed to join us. You, me, my room, midnight?”
Y/n nodded sweetly and pulled me back onstage. Perfection. 
Preference #2 How you guys will spend your friday afternoon/night


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